Advance praise for Tearing The Sky

"Tearing the Sky has all the scope of Asimov, the technical depth of Bear, and a take on the human, and non-human, spirit that is uniquely his own."

– Jesse Alexander, writer & executive producer of Lost, Heroes, and Alias


Stimulating and provocative, writing for both sides of one’s mind, Moledina spins far-flung future history like a shimmering spider web in the sun."

– John Gaeta, special effects supervisor of The Matrix films


"When you read the first chapter of Tearing the Sky, you find yourself consumed; by the elegance of it's settings, by the needs of it's vividly identifiable characters, and by the wondrous belief that Jamil Moledina might just actually pull off a story that seems so impossibly grand in scope. When you read the last chapter, he has done so, and you find yourself in awe."

- Christian Gossett, creator of The Red Star graphic novel series


"I am one of the lucky few who has had a chance to read Tearing the Sky and I can tell you it is a visionary work, especially for a first time (but not the last time!) author. Jamil has crafted a unique story that is epic in scope, but intimate in approach."

- Mark Long, creator of the Shrapnel and Blacklight graphic novels and games


"A fun, thought-provoking distant future on the brink of apocalypse, Moledina’s Tearing the Sky tickles the neurons with this holy war for the fate of the universe."

– Nick Sagan, author of Idlewild, Edenborn, and Everfree


"Tearing the Sky is a great read full of engaging characters, and rollicking action, but where it really shines is in tackling deeper themes seldom approached in space operas. I highly recommend it."

- Greg Zeschuk, co-executive producer of the Mass Effect game series

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